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Government Programmes / Project Qualified Employee

Are you going to employ workers from Ukraine, Belarus, the Philippines or Kazakhstan for more than 1 year? The Qualified Employee project, formerly known as the Government Program Ukraine and the Government Program Other Countries (Belarus, Serbia, Mongolia, Moldova, Philippines, Kazakhstan, India, Montenegro) brings you several benefits that you can take advantage of under certain conditions.

What is the Qualified Employee project, or the Ukraine regime and the Other States regime?

The aim of the programme is to provide support to direct employers who need to bring qualified foreign workers to the Czech Republic. The project covers employees from Ukraine, Mongolia, Serbia, the Philippines, India, Belarus, Moldova, Montenegro and Kazakhstan. It helps to achieve the fulfillment of quotas for the employment of workers from third countries and enables the submission of an application for an employment card at the embassy of the Czech Republic abroad.

The programme focuses on employing only skilled workers. The advantage of the project is that the employer is included in it for up to 1 year and during this time, he can apply for tens of qualified workers from Ukraine and other countries mentioned above.

In previous years, the Qualified Employee project was divided into the Regime Ukraine project and the Regime Other States project. Even today, you can still come across these concepts, but this is the same project that is already merged into the Qualified Employee program.

What do you need to meet to join the Qualified Employee program?

  • Your company must be on the market for at least 2 years
  • You must have at least 6 regular employees
  • You should publish financial statements
  • You must demonstrate indebtedness to authorities (tax office, Czech Social Security Administration, health insurance company)

How Kasea Cz can help you?

  • We will provide you with qualified employees in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Philippines and other countries
  • On the basis of powers of attorney, we represent you at the necessary authorities
  • We will include you in the Qualified Employee project
  • We provide employee cards for candidates
  • Instead of you being in contact with the candidate, we guide him in all steps
  • The whole process is worry-free for you and you can be sure of the legality of all its steps