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Employees from Philippine

Why look for employees in the Philippines? Globally, Filipinos have a very good reputation as hardworking people. They are ready to travel and work abroad. Excellent work performance is combined with salaries that are advantageous for employers and attractive for Filipinos. If the legal employment of reliable and hard-working foreigners is your priority, then your steps are leading you in the right direction.

Characteristic of Filipino employees

Filipinos are skilled English-speaking workers who adapt very quickly to new countries and jobs. They are stable, reliable and loyal employees with excellent flexibility and appetite for work. You can also expect peace, gratitude and good manners. A clean criminal record is a matter of course. Filipinos are Christians looking for work abroad to secure their families in the Philippines. Many of them already have experience in working abroad. Once we find suitable Filipino employees for you, we will make sure that you can employ them for two or more years.

Suitable professions for Filipino employees

Thanks to their qualifications and appetite for work, employees from the Philippines can handle a number of different job positions. Among jobs being occupied the most by Filipinos are:

Workers professions

  • Meat processing workers, meat and food processors
  • Bakery workers
  • CNC machines operators
  • Production operators
  • Belt production workers
  • Welders
  • Packers
  • Unskilled worker in kitchen

How to employ Filipinos

Hiring a Filipino can be as easy for you as hiring a Czech citizen. Rely on us, we will provide everything you need. We will find a suitable employee for you, we will take care of the necessary documents, we will help with translations, an incorporation of Filipino employees and with an accompaniment when going for medical examinations.

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Do not hesitate to contact us; we help you to arrange all necessities.

Do not make the same mistakes as employers who have paid for the illegal employment of foreigners. Go for it with us legally

Get permanent employees without the risk of their deportation for illegal work and fines for their illegal employment in your company. Are you worried about forgetting any steps needed to employ Filipinos? You are in good hands with us. We know the laws, we know how to arrange visas for Filipinos and we will be happy to take care of the whole process of employing Filipinos for you. We will connect you directly with Filipino employees.